A purple CBD plant

Unlock the full potential of your CBD product line with our terpene-infused flavour creations.

Specifically designed to enhance the CBD vape experience, this line uses terpenes in combination with our flavours to elevate the overall experience.   Unlike regular flavours and due to the consistency of the terpenes, the CBD line doesn’t contain any PG. The terpenes in the flavours blend harmoniously with the CBD delivering a delightful and well-rounded sensory journey.  

Through years of experience working with CBD customers, we have narrowed down which flavour concentrates from our regular line are best to recreate the taste of famous strains: Lemon Haze, Purple Haze, Pineapple Express, OG Kush, Apple kush.   In addition to providing great flavours, we can also assist with the manufacturing of your finished CBD liquid.

With an MOQ of 25kg per SKU, this is a great option for companies starting within the sphere. Our team can provide guidance tailored to your project.

* We only provide CBD products where it can be legally imported.  

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