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Compare apples with apples and oranges with oranges.

Our team of skilled flavourists possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in sensory analysis and flavour chemistry.

Leveraging their extensive flavour design experience, our flavourists meticulously analyse and deconstruct flavours to define the key compound which define the taste profile. We employ advanced analytical techniques which enable us to compare flavour profiles at a molecular level against our vast raw material library. This scientific approach, combined with the artistry of our flavourists, ensures that the recreated flavours are remarkably close to the originals.

Whether you need to replicate a discontinued product, make an existing flavour compliant, match a competitor's flavour, or create a variant of an existing flavour, we are up to the challenge. Our collaborative approach allows us to incorporate your feedback throughout the process, ensuring that the final matched flavour meets your exact expectations.

Conversion of cross-segment trends

Innovative raw material library for performance beyond taste

Qualitative and quantitative sensory data to characterize and differentiate flavours

Trained panel to achieve statistically significant results

A flavour manufacturing machine

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