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Additives are a recent addition our product portfolio. They have gained in popularity due to their outstanding performance in enhancing flavour intensity and providing a sensory aspect to the vaping experience. At FLAVORIQ, we are always looking for new and innovative enhancers to provide our customers with the best possible final product. After extensive research and trials, our flavourist selected the followings:


Sweeteners are responsible for delivering the sweet taste in a flavour profile. Depending on the type used, the sweetness will either be tasted and felt on the lips or in the mouth. FLAVORIQ developed 2 standard types of sweeteners based on customers’ requests and country legislations. Our options are designed with and without sucralose and are combined with other ingredients to offer the best sweetness delivery possible:

- FQ C203 Sweet Booster: Innovative well-rounded combination with different types of sweeteners
- FQ C205 Sugar Booster: Sucralose booster


Cooling agents are accountable for the cooling sensation in vape flavours. This enhancer doesn’t alter the taste with traces of mint or menthol, but simply offers a cool touch (or punch!). The most commonly used cooling agents are the WSs. Our flavorists have designed a complex type of cooling agent using a combination of WSs alongside other ingredients to provide an optimized cooling enhancer.  

- FQ C204 Cooling Agent: Formulated by analysing the top players formulations and creating an even better combination to meet our customers’ expectations

* Some of our customers may have restrictions against certain WSs therefore we also provide less complex versions of cooling enhancers upon request.


Acidic additives, or commonly known as sour boosters, are gaining in popularity due to their ability to enhance the freshness and provide a sensory depth to the flavour.

FLAVORIQ offers an optimized blend which delivers a great balance of fresh and sourness:
FQ C204 Cooling Agent

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